Jemima writes memorial to her younger brother

Article from The Daily Mail (UK) but to see Jemimas original posts, please go to Jemimas official twitter. Rest in peace, Simon.

Girls star Jemima Kirke took to Twitter on Tuesday to pen a heart-wrenching memorial to her younger brother who died last year just shy of his 20th birthday.

In sharing the memorial for her brother Simon Creager, the 31-year-old actress recounted ‘why he is no longer with us’, as she claimed the doctor who delivered him during birth allegedly made a mistake that left him severely disabled.

‘Last week, march (sic) 31st was my little brothers (sic) birthday. He is no longer with us and let me explain why: His mother’s pregnancy was absolutely healthy. As was the baby and the labor,’ Kirke’s note begins.

Kirke then claims that the doctor, who will not publicly name, ‘took his life on march (sic) 31st 1997’.

‘With his heart rate dropping dramatically towards the end of the labor (due to the umbilical cord around him (sic) neck) Dr. (redacted) decided that it was a better idea to use a Vacuum rather than conduct an emergency c section on his mother.’

Kirke claims that the doctor ‘pulled on that baby’s head for close to 45 minutes.’

In the note, the British artist added: ‘When he was finally delivered the abrasions to his crown were so bad and he’d been without sufficient oxygen for so long that he was left mostly brain dead.

‘He wasn’t expected to live past the age of 2 or 3.’

Kirke acknowledges that she believes the doctor did make a ‘mistake’, noting that everyone does in their particular field of work.

‘But in her particular line of work, THIS kind of mistake should have cost her her job. 20 yrs. (sic) later. She’s still working and practicing (redacted),’ Kirke wrote.

‘If you’re in the area stop by her practice and let her know he lived.

‘Tell her, ‘Dr, (redacted), Simon Creager lived until he was 19! He died just shy of his 20th bday. (sic) Albeit, immobile, unable to talk or eat, blind and with severe cerebral palsy. But a spirit that survives on and offers nothing but love is a most valuable one. Just incase (sic) you’re interested!’

‘He changed all who came in contact with him. Including me.’
This seems to be the first time Kirke has spoken of Creager and what she claims happened during his birth. It’s unclear who his mother is and where he was living. It’s also unclear if Creager’s family took any legal action.

Calls placed by to the doctor in question were not returned as of Tuesday afternoon.

Since sharing the post about her brother on Twitter, one of her followers replied with words of simply towards the actress.

‘Awful. Thoughts are with you & yours. Good on your bro for proving them wrong & living as long (albeit not nearly long enough) as he did,’ @marap23 wrote to Kirke.

The tragic post about her brother comes three months after the actress announced she was divorcing husband Michael Mosberg.

The couple share two children together, Rafaella, six, and four-year-old Memphis.

‘I got divorced, and I attribute that to acting,’ she said. ‘And just asking myself, ‘Is this really me?’ So much of my life has been about reaction, just following the flow rather than making a strong choice.’