Fall/Winter 2017
"Beautiful was a big word in my family and in my upbringing."
February 10, 2017
Jemima Kirke on addiction, divorce and life after Girls
February 1, 2017 (Not full)
It's Goodbye 'Girls' as Lena Dunham, Cast, Execs Overshare in Show Oral History
February 2017
The Cast of Girls Looks Back on Six Years of Friendship and Fights in the Ultimate Exit Interview
Being Like Jemima Kirke
December 2015/January 2016
Actress Jemima Kirke proves why it takes a helluva woman to make a show like Girls.
Soul Sisters
March (Spring) 2013
Jemima Kirke: Artist, Accidental TV Star
It’s Different for 'Girls'