Tiny Furniture

Character: Charlotte
Original Release: March 15, 2010 (US)
Directed by: Lena Dunham
Written by: Lena Dunham
Produced by: Kyle Martin, Alicia Van Couvering, Alice Wang
Running Time: 98 minutes
Box Office: $391,674 (US)

About a recent college grad who returns home while she tries to figure out what to do with her life.

Cast & Characters

Lena Dunham (Aura), Laurie Simmons (Siri), Grace Dunham (Nadine), Rachel Howe (Candice), Merritt Weve (Frankie), Amy Seimetz (Ashlynn), Alex Karpovsky (Jed), Garland Hunter (Noelle), Isen Ritchie (Jacob), Sarah Sophie Flicker (Julia), David Call (Keith)

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Filming Locations:
  • New York City
  • Lena Dunham used her parents' money to make the film. She didn't have enough to pay anyone, so she ended up asking her friends and family to be part of it and it worked.
  • Contrary to belief, the dialogue was not entirely improvised nor ad-libbed. Lena Dunham said the script was written specifically for amateur actors.
  • Aura's mother and sister are played by Lena Dunham's real-life mother and sister, Laurie Simmons and Grace Dunham.
  • Dunham says the cost of making this film was only $65,000.

Memorable Quotes

Aura: I have no experience.
Charlotte: It's absolutely fine. On my resume under "skills", I put "has a landline".

Charlotte: You know the thing about your friends? They weren't assholes, were they?
Aura: No, not at all.
Charlotte: See, that's the problem. Our people are assholes. Our moms are assholes.
Aura: You think my mom's an asshole?
Charlotte: Yeah. She's too successful not to be.

Charlotte: You need something that shows off your little tits. You have the greatest little tits. They're like a 1960's porn star with those puffy little nipples you have.

Charlotte: I wouldn't get that excited about that paycheck. It's pretty disappointing. After awhile, I just stopped picking mine up.

Charlotte: OK, full disclosure. I was in rehab in 2007. It wasn't for this pot, it was for like a blow situation that I since cleared up.
Aura: Do you drink?
Charlotte: Yeah, no, no, umm... only kombucha, you know? And some red wine, but that's good for you. But I don't think we need to talk about all our issues, you know?

Awards & Nominations

Alliance of Women Film Journalists - Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Film Industry
Alliance of Women Film Journalists - Best Breakthrough Performance - Lena Dunham
Cinema Eye Honors Awards
Independent Spirit Awards - Best First Screenplay
Independent Spirit Awards - Best Cinematography
Independent Spirit Awards - Best First Feature
Gotham Awards - Best Ensemble Performance
Gotham Awards - Breakthrough Director
Indiewire Critics' Poll - Best First Feature
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards - New Generation Award
Sarasota Film Festival
SXSW Film Festival - Narrative Feature
SXSW Film Festival - Chicken & Egg Emergent Narrative Woman Director Award

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