Jemima at the ‘Hobo Leather Lounge’

Jemima, Alex Cameron and her sister Domino Kirke went to the Hobo Leather Lounge which was hosted by Artists & Fleas. It seems like Jemima has some kind of collaboration with them because they are selling bags with her art on them, as you can see in some the photos! We will try and find more information about this 🙂

Lots of videos added and captures from other projects

We have worked hard with adding videos and we have added most of what we have been able to find over the years. So right now we have a total of 75 videos! Head to the video archive to view them all and if you have any that we haven’t added, please mail us!

We have also added information about most of Jemima’s projects and updated all the career pages, so go there to read more.

Photos was added for some more of Jemima’s guest appearances and you can view them in the gallery. It includes her appearances on The Characters, Inside Amy Schumer and British Biscuits.

Television Series – Guest Appearances

Gallery Link: Gallery link: Television Series - Guest Appearances

Captures and photos from recent projects

We’re still adding videos and captures from Jemima’s other projects, such as guest appearances on TV Shows. Today we added photos and captures from:

Other Projects – Music Videos – Zayn – “Dusk Till Dawn”
Television Series – Guest Appearances – Strangers
Television Series – Guest Appearances – New York Is Dead

At the ‘Gems Girls Charity Event’

Gems Girls Charity Event

Some days ago, October 13th to be exact, Jemima went to a charity event for GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services) which is an organisation which empowers girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation & domestic sex trafficking.

Visit their instagaram site here and donate if you are able to here.

Lots of new magazine scans

Thanks to my dear Polish friend Mary we have the Wysokie Obcasy (Poland) – February 2017 interview transcripted. We got help from Google Translate so if the translation is a bit weird sometimes, you know why. It’s a really good interview, so be sure to read it!

We also added several new magazine scans for you to enjoy:

Vanity Fair (US) – April 2016
NME (UK) – March 11, 2016
Stella (UK) – February 2016
LULA (UK) – Issue 17# – Fall/Winter 2013
Glamour (US) – May 2012
The New York Magazine (US) – April 2, 2012

Gallery Link: Gallery link: Vanity Fair (US) - April 2016
Gallery Link: Gallery link: NME (UK) - March 11, 2016
Gallery Link: Gallery link: Stella (UK) - February 2016
Gallery Link: Gallery link: LULA (UK) - Issue 17# - Fall/Winter 2013
Gallery Link: Gallery link: Glamour (US) - May 2012
Gallery Link: Gallery link: The New York Magazine (US) - April 2, 2012
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