Photos from the Met Gala

Here is the first photos of Jemima on the red carpet at the MET 2017 Costume Institute Gala in New York yesterday. She was wearing Chanel and I think she looked absolutely gorgeous and I love the dress!

I will add more photos as soon as I can find more!
EDIT: 37 more pics have been added!

Gallery Link: Gallery link: May 1, 2017 - MET 2017 Costume Institute Gala

Photos from before the Met Gala

Photos from Sherry Heart’s instagram and Sherry used to be the hair designer for the show Girls. You can visit her official site here!

Photos from the event coming up soon!

Video from the Tribeca Film Festival – Chanel Artists Dinner

Interview from E! News with Jemima discussing the Girls finale (spoiler alert!) and if perhaps a movie with all the character reuniting in the future is a possibility.

Source: Source: E! Online

Happy Birthday and photoshoot update!

Jemima Kirke was born April 26, 1985 in London, UK… which means that today, she celebrates her 32nd birthday!

On behalf of all of the fans, we’d like to wish Jemima a lovely birthday filled with love, cake and laughter!

Please feel free to leave any birthday messages for Jemima by commenting here, or, of course, by sending her a message via Twitter.

Also, to celebrate this day I’ve gone through all the photoshoot photos I’ve collected so far and you can now enjoy them all in the gallery!

Gallery Link: Gallery link: Photoshoots & Portraits

Attends the Tribeca Film Festival – Chanel Artists Dinner

Jemima went to the Tribeca Film Festival – Chanel Artists Dinner at the Balthazar Restaurant in New York yesterday, April 24. She looked wonderful as usual!

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