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Found one more interview with Jemima from when she was promoting Wild Honey Pie! at the SXSW Film Festival. This time it’s by Cultured Vultures and you can read it in our press archive.

Girls alumnus Jemima Kirke sat down with Cultured Vultures to discuss her new film, Wild Honey Pie, premiering at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival.

Thanks for joining us today. Your new film, Wild Honey Pie, premiered at SXSW. How much of a thrill is it to premiere the film at the festival?
I like SXSW. I’ve been here once before when I did Tiny Furniture so it’s kind of nice to come back.

So has the experience been fun?
Yeah. I’m only here for 24 hours.

So you don’t get to take in the full festival experience?
No, I only went to the premiere and stayed out late last night. I’m going home in a few hours.

After playing Jessa Johansson for six seasons, how different was it to play Gillian Walker in Wild Honey Pie and what was it that attracted you to Jamie Adams’ script?
It was completely different to play Gillian. It was much harder, actually. We have to flesh out a person in an hour and a half and change. In Girls, Jessa is revealed over the course of six seasons and because of that, you could take time in an episode just being sort of on the nose that are funny or say things that are so very Jessa — be a caricature of myself. I could that a lot. On this, it was more human I suppose.

Source: Source: Cultured Vultures (US)

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