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2017 Magazine Scans

We have bought some magazines and collected them for the site and here is 4 magazines from this year for you to read and enjoy. We will have the Polish magazine translated for you shortly as well!

ES (UK) – February 10, 2017
Glamour (US) – February 2017
Wysokie Obcasy (Poland) – February 2017
So It Goes Magazine (US) – Issue 9 – 2017

Gallery Link: Gallery link: ES (UK) – February 10, 2017
Gallery Link: Gallery link: Glamour (US) - February 2017
Gallery Link: Gallery link: Wysokie Obcasy (Poland) - February 2017
Gallery Link: Gallery link: So It Goes Magazine (US) - Issue 9 - 2017

More behind the scenes footage from “Stranger’s Kiss”

More behind the scenes footage from “Stranger’s Kiss”

Flaunt Magazine interviewed Alex Cameron on September 15, 2017 and they released some polaroid footage from behind the scenes of music video Stranger’s Kiss. Read and view photos below.


Alex Cameron is an Australian singer-songwriter who mixes acting and music in the character-driven vein of singer/raconteurs like Tom Waits and David Bowie; in his case taking on the persona of a motel-hopping, down-and-out urbanite plying his music in the grimy streets of New York City. This tendency towards character and story allows Alex to create a unique aesthetic that ties his music and his videos together into beautifully damaged pieces of brilliant storytelling. His voice and style seem like a natural fit for Angel Olsen, an acclaimed American singer-songwriter who has had dreams of becoming a pop star since she was young, and made good on those dreams with a series of mournfully gorgeous records conjuring worlds of love lost and beauty in pain.

As expected, Cameron and Olsen’s voices blend harmoniously together in the duet for “Stranger’s Kiss.” What wasn’t expected was the beautifully strange storyline for the visuals that Cameron and director/actress Jemima Kirke created to pair with the song. Cameron, appearing as a hustling subway busker, stars in the music video alongside Kirke, Cameron’s down-and-out admirer, who combs the city frantically for the man she loves. In the video, Kirke starts off on her own, carrying a folded photo of Cameron, displaying it for others to see out in the streets of New York. She eventually finds the musician in the photo at the subway train station, essentially doing the same thing she was doing–attempting to grab the attention of pedestrians passing through. The strangers end up finding comfort in each other’s familiarity and share a “Stranger’s Kiss”.

We had Alex continue his vision for the video’s story with a series of polaroids paired with poetic, eerie captions that show a romance blooming out of desperation in the grimy cracks between the city’s facade:

Jemima’s about the same height as my mother. I’ve got the same look as her father. There’s nothing wrong with two strangers getting what they need out of each other.
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Source: Source: Flaunt (US)

Jemima at the ‘Richardson X Pornhub Collaboration Launch’

Jemima attended the Richardson X Pornhub Collaboration Launch on September 7 and I loved her outfit!

All events photos added

We have been sorting through all our events photos, spanning from 2005 to this year and this is what we have been able to collect so far. Enjoy all the new photos!

Gallery Link: Gallery link: Public Appearances

‘Tiny Furniture’ captures

Here is captures from Jemima’s very first movie, Tiny Furniture, which was Lena Dunhams directing debut. Read more at the filmography page and enjoy the captures!

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