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Jemima and several other artists will re-create Chelsea Hotel

Jemima will be in this art project/show today and hopefully we will get more information and some photos! I think this sounds so fascinating and I visited Chelsea Hotel when I was last in New York and everything from and inspired from the 60s and 70s interests me! 🙂

The Hollywood darlings are among the artists lending their creative juices to the label’s spring 2018 show on Sept. 12.

Stacey Bendet, the petite founder and creative director of Alice + Olivia, has always been enamored by stories. When asked about the inspiration for any collection, the 38-year-old will without fail launch into a minutes-long saga, detailing how an obscure book, a trip abroad or a specific moment in history played into her bright, feminine, tailored-preppy aesthetic.

However, for her spring 2018 collection, Bendet was not inspired by just one story, but rather, a collection of storytellers: the eclectic bohemian artist residents of Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel. Built in the 1880s, the 400-room Chelsea Hotel rose to infamy during the latter half of the 20th century, known for its arty denizens, many of whom would trade their works for rent.

Bendet, who married Eric Eisner, son of Disney magnate Michael Eisner, in 2008, decided that with such an ambitious foundation, she needed an equally ambitious presentation format. She has a reputation as the queen of Instagrammable installations to uphold, after all.
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Source: Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Jemima in Zayn Maliks new music video “Dusk Till Dawn”

Zayn Malik announced on his official Twitter a couple of days ago that he’s releasing the song “Dusk Till Dawn” which will feature noone less than Sia and our Jemima will appear in the music video. Below you can view the full version that has finally been released!

Jemima Channels Louise Bourgeois and Yayoi Kusama

Jemima recites written work by artists Louise Bourgeois and Yayoi Kusama as part of a exhibition at Sothebys in London. Watch the beautiful video below:

Join actress Jemima Kirke as she recites written works by Louise Bourgeois and Yayoi Kusama, both subjects of a current selling exhibition at Sotheby’s.

Titled, Traumata: Bourgeois / Kusama, the show bridges the intense psychological states that comprise the fabric of the artists’ parallel careers through a tightly curated selection of sculpture, paintings and works on paper. Watch the video to discover more about these artists’ unique minds and preview their work in our London galleries through 13 April.

Unretouched Photos Of Lena Dunham And Jemima Kirke Made The Lonely Lingerie Company Go Viral

Lonely is a lingerie and swim brand that went viral when they recently featured Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke in a series of un-retouched portraits. Founded by Helene Morris and her partner Steve Morris, the New Zealand based brand has gained a cult following by embracing body positivity in their campaigns. Lonely refuses to do any retouching on their campaign images and features inspiring women instead of typical lingerie models.

“It was this shared viewpoint that drew Lena Dunham to the project,” Helene Morris said. “We were introduced through a mutual friend and she was so positive and enthusiastic about what we are trying to achieve with the project. She has been incredibly supportive of Lonely, and we really appreciate her contribution to our brand. We posted one image on Instagram and had over 1 billion page impressions and hundreds of stories worldwide. For a small New Zealand based team, it has been incredible for our international recognition and growth.”

Helene Morris was inspired to launch Lonely because she was tired of hearing complaints from women about how uncomfortable their underwear was, and she knew she could offer a solution through well-designed pieces that were showcased in a way that women could relate to.

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