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Tweet in support of Christine Blasey Ford

Today Jemima tweeted about something very private, something that happened to her when she was only 22 years old and she did it in the support of Christine Blasey Ford, news that nobody in the world could have missed. We are very proud of Jemima for telling this story.

“I’m hugely grateful to this woman today.
OK, f–k it. When I was 22 I was raped by my drug dealer. After I kindly asked him to leave (I didn’t want to make him angry), I dragged myself to the hospital. After the various STD tests, the doctor said sympathetically, ‘You gotta start looking after yourself.’ I believed what he meant was, ‘This could have been prevented if you weren’t hanging out with a drug dealer.’ It would seem that the responsibility was on me and for this reason I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t report it,” she said. “I was ashamed because I believed that what had happened to me was a result of having very little self-worth, that this was what happens to drug addicts.

This is wrong. My rape had nothing to do with my choices. Drug dealers don’t rape people any more than a family man does. The rehab counselors didn’t correct that belief. My own mother didn’t correct it. F–k anyone who meant well but told me to look at this ‘as a sign’ that I needed help. It is likely that my daughter will one day be sexually assaulted. I can’t prevent that. She can’t prevent that. But no matter what the circumstances, it won’t be her fault.”

#ALCAMATHON – Support Alex Cameron

They made it!!!

Alex Cameron and Roy Molloy are doing a live cam for 24 hours to try and sell 1000 records! So please support these amazingly talented musicians and view them live on social media, such as Facebook. Jemima appears back and forth so be sure to check it out!

#ALCAMATHON kicks off at noon EST today!

Follow along with the madness on all of Alex’s social channels (conveniently @ALKCM) as he tries to sell 1000 albums in 24 hours. And raise money for Roy’s car fund.

Buy records @

Jemima’s Top Ten Books

Jemima’s Top Ten Books

Jemima created a list of her top ten books together with One Grand Books, you can also view the full article in the press archive. Haven’t read all of these so will grab them as soon as possible! 🙂

British-American Jemima Kirke can thank Saint Ann’s School in New York for setting a solid foundation for her life, both as an actress and as an artist. It’s where she became close friends with Lena Dunham, later acting in Dunham’s debut film Tiny Furniture, and going on to star in her best-known role as Jessa Johansson in Dunham’s Girls. Saint Ann’s also encouraged Kirke’s love of painting, and Sargent’s Daughters, a Lower East Side gallery, hosted Kirke’s “The Ceremony” — painted portraits of brides (made-up or real) and divorcées in their wedding gowns, late last year.

Below are Jemima Kirke’s favorite books, available to purchase individually or as a set.

Source: Source: One Grand Books (US)

Happy Birthday, Jemima!

Happy Birthday, Jemima!

Today, April, the 33rd birthday of our most beloved artist, actress, and director, Miss Jemima Kirke!

On behalf of all of the fans, we’d like to wish Jemima a lovely birthday shared with her family and people close to her! <3

Jemima Kirke Source 1 year today!

Today is Jemima Kirke Source’s birthday! It’s been a year since the website went online, and we’re so glad of all the content we could put out there for you guys, it’s not always easy but it’s all there! And we still haven’t finished! There’s so much to do! A lot of magazines to buy, movies and interviews to screen cap, and all I can say is that I hope there’s more and more! We love Jemima!

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