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Photos from Saks Fearless Women Speaker Series

Photos from Saks Fearless Women Speaker Series

Here is several photos from the event we posted about smoe days ago – Saks Fearless Women Speaker Series With Jemima Kirke. We haven’t found any videos but the event was on September 20 in New York City and she looked beautiful as usual!

Jemima joins “Fearless Women Speaker Series”

Jemima just tweeted about her participating in the Fearless Women Speaker Series on September 20.

Saks Fifth Avenue Lines Up Jemima Kirke, Patti Smith, Cleo Wade and Others for ‘Fearless Women’ Speaker Series.

Article from WWD below:

Saks Fifth Avenue Lines Up Jemima Kirke, Patti Smith, Cleo Wade and Others for ‘Fearless Women’ Speaker Series

Seating will be first-come-first-served, and the discussions are meant to cover an array of topics.

CAN YOU HEAR ME?: Add Saks Fifth Avenue to the list of companies tying into women’s empowerment as a vehicle to connect with shoppers.

The retailer kicked off its “Fearless Women” speaker series with model and activist Lauren Wasser Thursday night and the spotlight at the Fifth Avenue flagship will now turn to former “Girls” actress and artist Jemima Kirke and Lower East Side gallery owner Allegra LaViola. Attendees at the store’s Sept. 26 event will catch a performance by musician and author Patti Smith.

Seating will be first-come-first-served, and the discussions are meant to cover an array of topics. Tracy Margolies, chief merchant for Saks Fifth Avenue, said, “Saks looked for a wide range of speakers and performers who resonated with our clients. We wanted to touch on areas outside fashion such as entertainment, entrepreneurship, activism and more.”

Next month’s events will start Oct. 3 with “The Survival Guide to Bullying” author Aija Mayrock in conversation with Refinery29’s Piera Giradi. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics founder Bobbi Brown, The Women’s March cofounder Breanne Butler, singer-songwriter Kim Petras, artist, poet and author Cleo Wade “Man Repeller’s” Leandra Medine, Jimmy Choo creative director Sandra Choi and Baby2Baby’s Kelly Sawyer will also be making appearances.
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Source: Source: WWD (US)

You Now Have an Extra Week to See Jemima’s Deeply Ambiguous Wedding Paintings

You have the chance to go and see Jemima’s exhibition for one more week – until January 28! Really good new if you haven’t been able to go yet.

Last month, Jemima Kirke, best known as wild-child Jessa on Girls, told us why she had started painting her friends in wedding dresses. She wanted to “reopen the case” on marriage, an institution she’s “really perplexed by,” even though she’s been married before and says she’d do it again.

She said the series of paintings, currently on display at Sargent’s Daughters, had colored her opinion about the #metoo movement, which got us to talking about a controversy that had recently embroiled her old castmate Lena Dunham.

Needless to say, the jury is still out on marriage (heck, it’s still out on conventional relationships, given what Dunham recently said after splitting with her boyfriend of five years, Jack Antonoff). Which means it’s a good thing you now have more time to contemplate Kirke’s show; it’s been extended through Jan. 28.

Before you head on over to Sargent’s Daughters (179 East Broadway) on a thematically appropriate WED-nesday, read our q&a with the artist here.

Source: Source: Bedford and Bowery (US)

New interview by “W Magazine”

New interview by “W Magazine”

New interview by W Magazine with Jemima about her exhibition and she talks about her previous marriage. You can read the interview in the press archive.

Marriage is probably the last thing you’d expect to be the subject of a highly personal solo exhibition from an artist who’s trying to get away from being most known as a famous actress, and who’s spent the past year in the news not only because the show that put her on the map finally came to an end, but also because of the announcement that she was divorcing her husband of seven years. Yet Jemima Kirke, who’s been painting much, much longer than acting or even appearing on HBO’s Girls, is not someone to do what you’d expect; in fact, she saw the split as an opportunity to finally explore why women like herself, who otherwise often reject tradition still feel compelled to get married and get caught up in the excitement of finding and wearing a wedding dress.

Source: Source: W Magazine (US)

Interview by “Bedford and Bowery”

Interview by “Bedford and Bowery”

New interview with Jemima by Bedford and Bowery from December 20, 2017. It brings up some very interesting subjects and we get to see more beautiful painting by Jemima.

You may know her as the free-spirited Jessa in oft-discussed HBO show Girls, but Jemima Kirke considers herself more painter than actor. Her third solo exhibition, The Ceremony, is currently on view at Lower East Side gallery Sargent’s Daughters. A series of portraits depicting both friends and fictional women in their wedding dresses, the show seeks to interrogate why women still partake in this “antiquated ceremony.” A few days after the opening, we met with Kirke at the gallery to talk marriage, the #metoo movement, and recent controversy involving her castmate Lena Dunham.

Read full interview in the press archive.

Source: Source: Bedford and Bowery (US)
Gallery Link: Gallery link: Photoshoots from 2017 - Bedford and Bowery
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