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Opening of Exhibition/Show on December 13

An article online mentioned Jemima and we now now that she will have an exhibition/show opening on December 13 in New York. So if you are able go there, we envy you! 😉 We will post more information when we find out more!

A solo exhibition of work by Peter Granados is up now at Sargent’s Daughters until December 3, and a show by the artist and actress Jemima Kirke opens December 13.

Source: Source: Art News (US)

On the cover of “Jungle Magazine”

Jemima is featured on the cover of the UK magazine Jungle and you can get your own copy at the magazines official site. The new photoshoot is absolutely gorgeous and they were recently taken by the talented photographer Ryan James Caruthers.

We will try and get magazine scans as soon as possible so you can see all the photos and read the interview. It’s always so much fun when something new comes up with Jemima, especially new photoshoots!

In this edition, we wanted to explore the notion of being resilient through fashion in more ways than one. The interview with our cover star, Jemima Kirke, known as an actress and artist, but most importantly a mother, tells us of her own struggle making a new life in a new country and rediscovering herself.

Jemima’s Hobo Bags collection

Jemima’s Hobo Bags collection

Remember that we posted about Jemima having some kind of project with Hobo Handbags a few days back? Well now we know more about it and she was interviewed by Coveteur and we get to know more about the collaboration. And even better – you can buy one of 20 handbag (or several of course) with an exclusive painting by Jemima! If you can afford it you should get one at once, I know I would!

Purchase one directly on Hobo Bags!

Jemima Kirke’s life after Girls involves a smoking nun and a minimal tolerance for acting

And no more than six hours spent in her art studio at a time.

Jemima Kirke doesn’t know how to draw hearts. Or at least not the kind of hearts we’re used to seeing. When handcrafted leather brand Hobo Bags wanted her to collaborate with them on a collection of 20 handpainted bags, they asked for hearts, and she replied with a nun holding a cigarette in between her lips, enveloped in smoke.

“I have a couple of nun ones that I did, and they’re weird. I was just sort of thinking nuns are loving and nice. You never think about nuns when we think about love,” she tells me over a staticky phone line from her studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Read full interview in our press archive.

Source: Source: Coveteur (US)
Gallery Link: Gallery link: Other Projects - Art - Hobo Bags (2017)

Alice + Olivia Fashion Week Display Is the Chelsea Hotel of a New Era

A drawing of the installment and more about the project.

Artists design rooms and inspire clothes in an ode to New York City’s notorious creative commune

Before downtown lofts, there was the Chelsea Hotel. Since opening its doors in the 1880s, the landmark 12-story building—one of the city’s first cooperatives—has been, arguably, New York City’s most notorious creative commune. From Andy Warhol to poet Rene Ricard, artists of all media graced its halls and created in its rooms. (And yes, it was also the site of that Sid Vicious murder.) Today, the Chelsea Hotel no longer allows long-term stays, but its bohemian whims left a lasting impression on fashion designer Stacey Bendet, so much so that her Alice + Olivia Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week presentation is staged as an interactive, contemporary version. On September 12, several up-and-coming female artists will create “rooms” in the Skylight Clarkson to house the spring looks tailored by Bendet.

Rendering of the sitting room with artwork by Jemima Kirke and Susie Lopez. The Angelica Hicks–designed bathroom space is adjacent.

The motivation behind her inspiration this season, admits the designer, was a little bit of nostalgia. “I was flooded with memories of one of my first photo shoots, which Mick Rock shot in the hotel,” she said. “And I began to think of who would live there today.” In Bendet’s vision, those residents were young female artists: Francesca DiMattio, Angelica Hicks, Jemima Kirke, Susie Lopez, Lola Schnabel (who actually lived in the original Chelsea Hotel for a decade), Lucy Sparrow, Scout and Tallulah Willis, and Blair Z. Her choices in creative collaboration set out to correct what she sees as a larger art world problem: “I feel like female artists are hugely undervalued,” she explained. “I asked multiple people to name three living female artists with name recognition, and no one could do it.” Wanting to showcase talents she feels are underrepresented in today’s art world, the designer selected the group of women based on their merits—and previous working relationships.

Among a few original pieces of Chelsea Hotel furniture, the artists were given full license to design as inspired, and their work, in turn, influenced Bendet’s collection. For her space, illustrator Hicks designed a wallpaper based on the female form—her nipple-coconut palm print is now an Alice + Olivia printed blouse and sweater. Schnabel’s floral pattern (“not so many petals as bells”) is also incorporated as a print, and her draped statue takes a cue from ancient Greek sculpture but, amusingly, wears a sculpted version of Bendet signature sunglasses. Sparrow transformed the kitchen into a felt-covered world where Scout Willis will be singing live. The presentation promises as much artistic activity as an apartment in the co-op. “That space can never be fully reproduced,” said former resident Schnabel, who lived in the building’s penthouse and was a neighbor to Rene Ricard. “But Stacey has so much empathy. She emulated the jewel-box feeling.”

Source: Architectural Digest

Source: Source: Architectural Digest

Chelsea Hotel Installment – Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2018 Collection Presentation

Chelsea Hotel Installment – Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2018 Collection Presentation

Article written about the installment that Jemima took part in as well as the room Jemima designed.

Forget the Catwalk—One Designer Got Jemima Kirke and Other Celebrity Artists to Make an Art Show for Fashion Week Instead

Stacey Bendet invited female artists to build out interactive “rooms” as a tribute to the Chelsea Hotel’s artsy heydey.

Designer Stacey Bendet took an unusual approach to this edition of New York Fashion Week. In lieu of the traditional runway show, Bendet enlisted a cadre of female artists—including Girls actress and painter Jemima Kirke, British sculptor Lucy Sparrow, and sisters Tallulah and Scout Willis—to create work for an interactive art and fashion gallery for her brand Alice + Olivia, held this afternoon.

“I feel like female artists are hugely undervalued and underexposed today,” said Bendet in an email to artnet News. “I asked multiple people to name three living female artists with name recognition and no one could do it—in this era of proposed equality and equal pay, women in the art world are some of the most disadvantaged. I wanted to show some of the young female artists I consider the most talented today.”

Admittedly, Bendet is spotlighting a group of women who have gotten a bit of a head start in terms of finding art-world success. Even predating her Girls fame, Kirke is the daughter of famed British drummer Simon Kirke, and the Willis sisters are, of course, the progeny of Hollywood royalty Demi Moore—who was in attendance—and Bruce Willis. The show also features illustrator Angelica Hicks, whose father is literally the second cousin of the UK’s Prince Charles, heir to the throne.
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Source: Source: Artnet

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