BUILD Series video interview with Jemima, Lola and Emma Forrest

Jemima, her sister Lola and the director of Untogether, Emma Forrest has been doing some press lately for the movie and you can view the interview below and in the video archive.

Andrea is a former teen prodigy turned struggling writer who falls for Nick, a recently successful writer who she secretly resents. Lisa is the responsible younger sister who has an older bohemian boyfriend, Martin, but is drawn to an even older charismatic Rabbi. Two English sisters begin to navigate their wild desires and troubled relationships amidst the backdrop of the infamous Hollywood Hills. Jemima Kirke, Lola Kirke and director/writer Emma Forrest joined BUILD to speak on the film, “Untogether.”

Source: Source: BUILD Series (US)
Video Link: Video link: Interviews - BUILD Series

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