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Chelsea Hotel Installment – Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2018 Collection Presentation

Chelsea Hotel Installment – Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2018 Collection Presentation

Article written about the installment that Jemima took part in as well as the room Jemima designed.

Forget the Catwalk—One Designer Got Jemima Kirke and Other Celebrity Artists to Make an Art Show for Fashion Week Instead

Stacey Bendet invited female artists to build out interactive “rooms” as a tribute to the Chelsea Hotel’s artsy heydey.

Designer Stacey Bendet took an unusual approach to this edition of New York Fashion Week. In lieu of the traditional runway show, Bendet enlisted a cadre of female artists—including Girls actress and painter Jemima Kirke, British sculptor Lucy Sparrow, and sisters Tallulah and Scout Willis—to create work for an interactive art and fashion gallery for her brand Alice + Olivia, held this afternoon.

“I feel like female artists are hugely undervalued and underexposed today,” said Bendet in an email to artnet News. “I asked multiple people to name three living female artists with name recognition and no one could do it—in this era of proposed equality and equal pay, women in the art world are some of the most disadvantaged. I wanted to show some of the young female artists I consider the most talented today.”

Admittedly, Bendet is spotlighting a group of women who have gotten a bit of a head start in terms of finding art-world success. Even predating her Girls fame, Kirke is the daughter of famed British drummer Simon Kirke, and the Willis sisters are, of course, the progeny of Hollywood royalty Demi Moore—who was in attendance—and Bruce Willis. The show also features illustrator Angelica Hicks, whose father is literally the second cousin of the UK’s Prince Charles, heir to the throne.
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Jemima and several other artists will re-create Chelsea Hotel

Jemima will be in this art project/show today and hopefully we will get more information and some photos! I think this sounds so fascinating and I visited Chelsea Hotel when I was last in New York and everything from and inspired from the 60s and 70s interests me! 🙂

The Hollywood darlings are among the artists lending their creative juices to the label’s spring 2018 show on Sept. 12.

Stacey Bendet, the petite founder and creative director of Alice + Olivia, has always been enamored by stories. When asked about the inspiration for any collection, the 38-year-old will without fail launch into a minutes-long saga, detailing how an obscure book, a trip abroad or a specific moment in history played into her bright, feminine, tailored-preppy aesthetic.

However, for her spring 2018 collection, Bendet was not inspired by just one story, but rather, a collection of storytellers: the eclectic bohemian artist residents of Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel. Built in the 1880s, the 400-room Chelsea Hotel rose to infamy during the latter half of the 20th century, known for its arty denizens, many of whom would trade their works for rent.

Bendet, who married Eric Eisner, son of Disney magnate Michael Eisner, in 2008, decided that with such an ambitious foundation, she needed an equally ambitious presentation format. She has a reputation as the queen of Instagrammable installations to uphold, after all.
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‘Strangers’ airing on Facebook

You can watch Strangers online now at Facebook Watch and so far has three episodes been released. We don’t know which episode(s) Jemima will appear in but we will keep you posted!

New layout at Jemima Kirke Source

It was time for a change and here is the second version of Jemima Kirke Source! The layout is based on Jemima saying in interviews that her favorite color is orange and the gorgeus photos was taken by the talented Katie McCurdy.

We have now written a site exclusive biography on Jemima’s life and career so head over there and read it to learn more about miss Kirke.

We have also worked on the content of the site in general, such as the career pages, a list of all her tattoos (that we know of) and of course videos and photos. And we still have more to add!

Hope you enjoy the new look of the site and all the new content!

Jemima at the ‘Richardson X Pornhub Collaboration Launch’

Jemima attended the Richardson X Pornhub Collaboration Launch on September 7 and I loved her outfit!

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